How to Print in Japan / Printing a Document in Japan / Visit a Seven Eleven store

If you’d like to print out your presentation documents:

Surprisingly enough, many of Japanese hotels have no business center.

Even though you can not find a business center in your staying hotel,
you can use some convenience store’s services instead.

I hear multi-printing devices in Seven Eleven can be operated with
the display navigations in English language.

Maybe, this is what I have mentioned in my upper paragraph.

Anyway, please try it.

Do not forget to bring your USB flash memory:

If you attend a conference to make a presentation in Japan, do not forget to bring your USB flash memory stick with you.

Oh, is it too late for you to hear my advise? (i.e. You’ve already been in Japan.)

If you have already forgot, DO NOT mind at all

You can buy one at a convenience store. It may cost not more than 1,500 JPY to buy a 8GB USB flash memory stick. In major electric stores, it may cost not more than 1,000 JPY.

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